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Kinda stuck after Erebus city

When you leave Erebus city through the Hyperspace hole, you are supposed to go down a waterfall to be able to continue your journey. Thing is, there is no way down for me and I don’t have the Hiking boots so I can’t get back in so I am kind of stuck. Is there a way to fix this?
Schermopname (1461)

Did you get the pikapad? Use fly to a town

I did not yet. I don’t have the hiking boots either. Am I just permanently stuck now?

Yes. If you quicksaved 3 times after getting stuck, you are done. If you haven’t load a backup

The last time I saved was in Erebus city. Is there a way to get out of the dream realm without Hiking boots and Pikataxi?

I think you can go back to the place you started in. It takes you back to the Shade forest base iirc

The prion site? I dont see a way out.

Dude how did you even get here lmao? You just got softlocked.

The thing is, I was just following the story. I’ve played the game before but changed my pc and lost my data so I restarted. When I came to this point last time there were no problems because there was a waterfall to go down on. That waterfall doesn’t exist anymore (I also cant get delta litwick for some reason because the hidden door is blocked by trees) so I lost that option. DO I have an outdated version of the game?

Are you on Version 1.2.7?

How can I see that?

Go to your trainer card.

I am surprised I’m at patch 1.2.3. Would downloading the newer version fix my issues?

yes, it should fix your issues.

Do I download the patch only one? Because that one isnt working for me for some reason.

no download 1.2.7 directly

the patch is for if you have 1.2.5 or 1.2.6, which you have neither of those

Alternatively, you could’ve just battled wild mons/dexnav until you fainted.