Just wants opinions

So yeah i have a lot of pokemon, where i can use for battle so i want you opinions about my pokemons:

1-. Delta Charizard (Delta Charizardita)
Ability: Spirit Call
1.Frost Breath
2.Lunar Cannon
3.Shadow Ball
4.Dragon Pulse

2-.Delta Gardevoir (Delta Gardevoirita)
Ability: Modest
Nature: Clear Body
2.Ice Beam
3.Cald Mind

3-.Delta Serperior (Leftovers)
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Mild
2.Dark Pulse
3.Charge Beam
4.Ice Beam

4-.Delta Volcarona (D. Volcarona Armor)
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Relaxed
1.Dark Pulse
2.Dazzling Gleam
3.Sludge Wave
4.Aura Sphere

5-.Zoroark (Zoronita)
Ability: Illusion
Nature: Timid
1.Sludge Bomb
2.Focus Blast
4.Dark Pulse

6-.Mew (Leftovers)
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Mild
2.Aura Sphere
3.Calm Mind
4.Dark Pulse

7.Delta Lopunny (D. Lopunnite)
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Brave
1.Power-Up Punch
2.Drain Punch
3.Zen Headbutt
4.Thunder Punch

8.Delta Lucario (D. Lucarionite)
Ability: Justified
Nature: Hasty
3.Drain Punch
4.Dark Pulse

9.Delta Luxray (Shell Bell)
Ability: Poison Touch
Nature: Modest (Still trying to get another nature)
2.Iron Head
4.Poison Jab

10.Delta Bisharp (D. Bisharpite)
Ability: Defiant
Nature: Adamant
1.Thunder Punch
2.Power-Up Punch
3.Blaze Kick
4.Sky Drop

11.Delta Typhlosion (D. Typhlosionite)
Ability: Motor Drive
Nature: Relaxed
1.Energy Ball
2.Shadow Ball
3.Dazzling Gleam
4.Charge Beam

12.Delta Lilligant (Black Belt)
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Docile
2.Air Cutter
3.Aura Sphere

  1. Delta Froslass (D. Froslassite)
    Ability: Competitive
    Nature: Bold
    2.Shadow Ball
    3.Energy Ball
    4.Dazzling Gleam

14.Red Gardevoir (Gardevoirite)
Ability: Trace
Nature: Serious
1.Calm Mind (IDK if i change it for other move)
3.Energy Ball

15.Red Lucario (Still in Progress)

I think this is the wrong section, I would put this in #general-discussion:team-discussions
Also, im not qualified to answer this so…


Ok, thank you for letting me know

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I’m not a good battlers, so i’m not gonna give opinions. BUT I think you also need to tell them the ability of your pokemons so they can tell is that good or not

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Agreed, tell us their ability then I can help you.


Also, can I get natures?


Some changes I would make:

D. Charizard: First off, change its nature to either modest or timid. Ditch lunar cannon as it’s weaker and and has the same coverage as shadow ball (accounting for STAB). Not sure what good frost breath does, so I would say run sludge bomb and flamethrower as your coverage moves. Might want to consider shadow sneak too. Dragon pulse can be okay if you’re dead set on using charizard as your mega, but if you want to use a choice specs set, switch it for draco meteor.

D. Serperior: Swap ability to drizzle, as it’s far more useful. As for moves, exchange brine for hydro pump/scald, dark pulse for dragon pulse, and charge beam for thunder. You could also run a dragon dance/coil physical set if you wanted. If you’re dead set on keeping multiscale, then you absolutely need to utilize slack off (and probably calm mind).

D. Lucario: Change nature to either timid or jolly, as D. Lucario is already quite frail. I prefer a jolly set (utilizing its ability) running crunch/knock off, earthquake, fire punch, and extremespeed/swords dance/iron tail.

D. Bisharp: I’d go with a complete overhaul of this mon top to bottom. change nature to jolly and ability to wind force. The mega isn’t all that great, so my move suggestions would be: high jump kick, stone edge, iron head, and acrobatics.

D. Typhlosion: Fix the nature to timid, especially if using it as a mega. Once more, thunder is always superior to charge beam, especially since D. Typhlosion is a weather abuser.

D. Lilligant: Change nature to modest or timid, and then I personally reset until my D. Lilligant could use hidden power ground. With no boosting moves, I’d probably risk hurricane over air cutter too.

D. Froslass: Only change I see necessary is changing nature to timid. (could swap flamethrower for fiery dance though)

Red Gardevoir: Change nature to timid or modest. Swap calm mind with fairy tempest (burst mode attack) and energy ball for shadow ball.

You can’t change Natures, but you can breed to try to get a good nature. Drizzle is a much less useful ability, especially if Zard Mega evos. If Typhlo does, maybe it might be good, but Multiscale is less situational. Your best mons Nature wise are D. Garde(scarf it), D. Bisharp, and Zoroark. If you can breed, I would build off Drizzle Serp and M. D. Typhlo, else build off those 3. You would want a Psychic type probably a Fairy type too.

There is only one way to change nature in the game.

Well, Pokepon is less reliable than breeding. Also takes longer.

Ability: Modest
Nature: Clear Body

I’m sorry, but i can’t stop laughing at this :laughing:

get some maturity, bro/sis

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Problem is that Delta Serperior doesn’t have the stats to make multiscale worthwhile. Lugia has the bulk and recovery to make it work, while Dragonite and Delta Arcanine have the attack strength and useful boosting moves. Delta serperior has speed going for it, but that’s about it. Not much use for it other than a reliable weather setter.

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Actually, that’s just it, that Multiscale gives it the time it needs to set up a CM or Coil or both, from then it can spam Aqua Tail/Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump etc. and D. Serp does have good, reliable, non weather dependent recovery in Slack Off. With Leftovers, you can run CM Coil Toxic Dragon Tail for a status phazer, leaving the path open for a HexSpex sweep.

or dragon dance

Problem with DD is that it doesn’t have great options on the physical side, similar to Kingdra, but worse.

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Then y run coil? Coil raises atk (It also raises defense and accuracy tho which I actually just kinda remembered lmao)

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It’s mostly for defense and Accuracy, tho Aqua tail becomes spammable. I’d use Cm Coil Hydro Pump though.

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Wait it gets calm mind? Damnnn

Also, it gets Glare, so 100% Paralysis+Dragon Tail makes for one of the most annoying parashufflers out there, nearly as good as Dragonite.

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