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Just wanna talk :)

@one_above_all Sorry hit limit lol. What do you mean?

mysticUmbreon on youtube

There is a youtuber named MysticUmbreon? Darn now I have to change my name again lol XD

ok… ha ha

Sorry to disappoint lol

no prob… was quite sceptical since he has no insurgence playthrough and prob wouldn’t have believed you

but still congrats on the char… what is its nature


also was it masuda or starter



ok… cool… uuhh… i would never… i am too lazy to hunt it as starter.

lol I was actually very surprised to get it that fast, I thought my rival would get at least one shiny before I got mine XD

i have done 700 resets in 3 days… the first day i did 500 resets and then i already got bored hunting giritina.

Yeah I want to get every shiny legend on this game…especially Mew :3

sad geninja noises

why is it so boring to hunt a shiny legend

Yeah soft resets get boring and tedious after a while

also… have you joined the insurgence discord yet

i just want a team of the shiny primals and mega ray (currently have ray and groudon)