Just suggesting some buffs

HI guys

I am kind of new in here but I like it. I had tought about some buffs to some deltas that need some love.

  • Delta weezing: I think that a good buff would be the new gen 7 ability called galvanised, whch is a electric type aerilate and pixilate which also gives a 1.3 buff to those attacks. It would be perfect for weezing considering it has a pretty balanced attack and special attack and would make moves like explosion or boomburst pretty strong

  • Delta Serperior: Maybe this one is too op to be in the game: Delta serperior has two fantastic abilities but the one that would send him straight to OU or even Ubers would be contrary, as it could spam draco meteors and get almost imposible to stop, without mentioning its incredible typing.

  • Delta Tangrowth: Is not that great, but would be useful: the move follow me. Now why follow me? Normal tangrowth is great rage powder tank, so I thought that delta tangrowth could do the same, and also with an ability a great as rough skin it would be the night mare of physical attackers in doubles.

  • Delta Octillery: Im not sure if it does not learn this moves yet because the wiki is not complete yet, but delta octillery NEEDS overheat to act as the fire type serperior

  • Delta mawile and Delta sableye: These two have a potencial for being good tanks, but they lack certain things: First, mega delta mawile should get defense boosting moves like stockpile or even curse (If it does have one of these but is not mentioned on the wiki, just ignore me) Then mega delta sableye should get another ability instead of bulletproof, as it only grants coverage for focus blast, an ability like solid rock or filter would be good enough.

Please note down that these are only suggestions.

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The game is basically done, so no more content and balance changes. Also, there isn’t and won’t be gen 7 content, such as moves, abilities, or sets, regarding the delta weezing suggestion. I’ll give my 2 cents on this post as an idea rather than a suggestion though.

Delta weezing: I feel as if weezing would still be a bit iffy because of it’s lackluster speed and special defense. Also, the explosion is a bit ehhh, because it’s not really a great move due to how you will faint too. You have to predict with some already eh defense. Regarding boomburst, it already gets amplifier if you want to boost that.

Delta serperior: I don’t like this. Making a pokemon strong due to one set that works amazingly just isn’t healthy for a game. On another hand, it would probably get shut down by fairies.

Delta tangrowth: Doubles isn’t really that common, you can’t even use it in online battling. Also it could probably get destroyed from a special move due to shoddy special defense which would also bypass rough skin.

Delta octillery: It doesn’t. I got nothing to say here.

Delta mawile and sableye: I don’t really know how to feel about filter being slapped on to random things and tanks. It’s a very good ability and I feel as if it’s unnecessary. Plus, fighting is a very common type, bulletproof isn’t awful for it imo. Mawile already gets ingrain and grassy terrain to give it healing per turn, which can help it’s bulkiness and survivability. Sableye gets detect, glare, and fake out, which aren’t too amazing but can up the chances of it living, or at least annoy the opponent.

What a shame though, When I first read the no-more content comment I thought it didn´t counted the abilities and balance changes, but thanks for letting me know man.

oh man, balance changes are prohibited too? damn.

will they be forever?

and what about outdated balance changes in the canon game? like leech life being 80 bp, gale wings only working on max hp, or pelipper having drizzle?

Those are Gen 7 changes, which is why they have not been added. 1.2 was released after these changes were announced.

so are they supposed to be deliberate? because… they’re good changes.

The game is based off gen 6 and will never have balances based around gen 7.

Here’s a tweet from one of the devs requesting that we stop suggesting changes and such.


It’s a cool game, but it’s painfully obvious that it’s not finished. bad audio loops, cutting out audio, uncentered battle sprites, lack of in-game documentation for the dexnav, the main menu ignores sound settings, broken animations and tiles, settings don’t save properly unless you play and save the game yourself… and honestly, outdated move and stats kind of fit on that list.

I mean, good on them. If they’re gonna pour this much work into something, they really should just go for broke. stop doing this gamemaker nonsense and stay away from copyrighted material and get paid for their work

ordinarily it’s customary for a dev team to keep their previous game updated and supported, but if they’re not making money off it… hmmm.

They said no Gen 7 things will be in the game as it would mean the game would have to come out a few years later due to implimenting some abilities (like Power of Alchemy) and moves will be complicating and time consuming. It also is because they want to look forward and work on bigger things like Epsilon and other projects. And they didn’t really want to stick with something in the past and instead working on future projects.

Also the audio loops? Its due to the file they are saved as. The previous type of file was kinda iffy on Macs so they had to change it to this format which has the pauses for no reason, even with editing they couldn’t get rid of the pauses. The animations and other glitchy things are due to them having to wrap up development for the original 1.2 two weeks earlier due to people on Twitter and stuff saying “1.2 WHENNN??!!”.

Also u it is KINDA (exceptions are really old games like Pokemon Red and Blue) customary to keep a previous game (that’s not too old) updated, but that’s for people who’s JOBS are about making games, and they’re getting PAID for it. Fanmade game devs dont get payed for what they do, so typically old games don’t get updated often because the money they get from side jobs are used for funding their daily life, rather than a game made for fun.

And right now the devs are busy balancing work/study life while working on patches for bugs while ALSO with their own personal lives so please give them a break for working hard on an amazing game which should have been held back for another year.

(also if u think u can go for broke on games while having little to no free time go ahead, create ur own game and then we’ll talk)


dude, you’re literally repeating everything i said without actually reading it.

You think I’m insulting them but I’m actually sympathizing with their troubles.

Because I AM developing a game, so I totally get their troubles.

Again, please actually read what I said instead of jumping from word to word and getting triggered by what you THINK I’m saying.

Sorry if I misinterpreted it dude, just getting a bit triggered by the community wanting too much and I jumped to conclusions too quick.

Also I don’t really know English ways of saying things so sorry for the misinterpretation. As in ways people say stuff. Like the hidden meanings of it.

Ah, you mean like Idioms and such.

It’s okay, I understand then.

hey, at least you know more than one language. I certainly don’t.

Yup haha, sorry dude. Mostly the “painfully obvious not finished” triggered me a little. It’s just sad to see some members of the Insurgence community to ask for more when the team did all they could.