Just looking for free shines. deltas or legends?!?

Uh please Shinies, deltras or legends. Can also be high level random pokemon.

Delta ditto i really want. Not post-game …

Moved to trading. Also, since D. Ditto is once per save, most people will only trade it for another D. Ditto.


i have a extra d ditto cuz of glitch i can prob give that it’s 6ivs too

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O.O to give/ or real trade?

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to give ig

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we can do it now?!?!?


im ready


omg thanks, my trade is glitched for some reason so it only lets me choose the pokemon at front to trade so had to switch the formation

i dont have mew in my party yet. but how do you get shiny space mew? because isnt it wonder trading how to get it??

u have wat??

yeah wt is

wait can you help me transfer a mon?

Btw i DO NOT have space mew @IndianAnimator

ok let me geet on

alright. you on cause im ready just tell me the name

same name

pretty sure if you trade that you can get tradebanned lol

nah its not duped or hacked its just a glitch from updating from 1.2.3 - 1.2.5