Just finished the game

I’m pretty sure I finished the game. I have all the deltas, beat the e4, and then again the new champions caught all the legendaries is there anything else to do besides the few quests that come up after you become champion or is that it for the game? And if so is there any other games out there that are eve half as good as this game is that I could run on a MacBook Air?

Hmmm… I’m suggesting Pokemon Zeta/Omicron, made by the same team. Or Pokemon Uranium

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well if you say caught all the legendarys, then i assume you already faced the devs on dev island.

Yeah I did lol, it was a pain in the ass they had some pretty decent teams especially buddy with the shiny charizard.

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Do I need to download zeta the same way I did insurgence? With Wineskin because I’m on a Mac? Because it took forever to get it working and had to move and sort through so many files

pkmn reborn is also really good (it has a higher shiny rate too lol)

its the same type of download as insurgence