Jumpluff help

I’m currently playing with a new team on my save file. I’m not doing a competitive team, but I need help with my Jumpluff’s moveset. I’m wondering what move I should use as a stall move? Poison Powder or Leech Seed? I hope you help me!


I would recommend you to use what is one of the most annoying strategy to face: SubSeed.

Its a combo using Leech Seed and Substitute. Paired with Leftovers and Leech Seed, the HP recovery is often enough to restore as much HP as you used to put the substitute on in the first place. I would personally recommend using Whimsicott instead of Jumpluff because of higher defenses, better typing and access to Prankster, but I’m not here to force you to do anything.


Ok thanks!


Add Protect and Stun Spore or Toxic or some other annoying move like Knock Off for Leftovers or Giga Drain for even better stalls.

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