Jum the non puff Pokemon

Jum (Grass/Normal)

Jum’s the best around! Nothin’s ever gonna keep Jum down! ~manookie

Mega Jum (Grass/Normal)

Jum’s true potential has been unleashed! Jum has become one with the universe! ~Also manookie
All is Jum, Jum is all!!!
jum for 2020 gen 9 ~UnclePops


make jum jump again

I didn’t choose the Jum life, the Jum life choose me!!

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I like this. Only question is what are the Megan stats

This delta is really bad. You just took off the pluffs of Jumpluff. Then, for the mega, you just went insane, placing puffs. Also, you say ‘Jum the non puff’, but literally 95.4% of the mega is puff.


nah this was just a joke in the Art discord. when i was working on my Jumpluff delta I posted a stripped Jumpluff cuz he looks like a blueberry.

lol dont worry boro its just a joke XD

Glad to see that after all these years, Jum’s still Jummin’. o7

btw, (It’s been a while since we’ve seen manookie2334 — their last post was 5 years ago.) hello, and DONT NECRO

Oop, sorry about that (o_o ; )

Oi, my post. Necro is encouraged

Plus technically there’s no rule against it

Ya bet he still Jummin’

Again, not to necro, but gen 9 just got revealed, so Jum might be in.

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