Join a cult

Is it just me, or does anyone else want to join cults in this game? Like, with the vibes, and the story… I wish I could just choose to join the cults, usurp their leaders or subjugate them, etcetera. I really wanna be in the Darkrai Cult with best girl is all. And also because joining the villains would be super on theme with this game.

Just a thought.


Given the fact that the player becomes Auger at the very beginning of the postgame,it wouldn’t really make sense.

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  1. shame; what with the tone, I’d much rather become the villain and reign over the region with an iron fist at the behest of legendaries of the cults.

  2. spoilers… i’d only just started the game. oh well.


that does sound pretty cool!
As said, it wouldn’t really go well with the end story (sorry for the other person’s spoilers, but dw there is def much more interesting stuff at the end so don’t let that deter you xD), but I think it would be nice if you had the option to change into a chosen cult member, like your disguise in the intro, but more permanent. Then again, there is the fact that realistically, you would probably have to get different reactions from the NPCs and that might make things complicated, but i think it’s a cool and interesting idea. Thanks for sharing this!

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