Jesus, the Elite 4 are scary

I just thought I would put my experience from the Elite 4 here as it was my first time challenging it. My team consists of a level 93 Volcarona, a level 93 Mew, a level 93 Delta Snorlax, a level 92 Delta Scizor, a level 94 Delta Charizard and a level 92 Nidoqueen. Apart from my nidoqueen I thought my team was pretty well built despite not being really focused on IV training or all that. I just focused on cool pokemon with big stats to build up my team, and I know the league is supposed to be challenging so you feel a sense of success and I’m all for it but when i got sweeped by Yuki I got a little worried. Just thought I would put this out there and to summarise, I hope I’m able to beat them because I usually just focus on spamming full restores and revives to outlast my opponents.

Edit: I tried a couple more times and am considering shifting it down to easy mode. I have tried armored tyranitar, i have tried my mega starter, i have tried delta pseudo legendaries but no matter what i try i always get sweeped by one of the E4’s pokemon because of unfair auto level scaling and competitive pokemon

Edit 2: Lets go

turns out i just needed to ev train. specifically, bisharp was a fast attacker, tyranitar was a tanky attacker, haxorus was another fast killer, metagross was an attacker with high physical defense and my last 2 pokemon were speedy special attackers. God this took a while with ev training, grinding money with race sponsors and trying to outheal reukra’s d. volcarona because volcarona was a special defense tank but days later i did it. I sincerely wish any other people trying to beat this good luck because it is a challenge in every letter.

yeh half your team is weak to ice which yuki attempts to specializes in

I can always give you advices. I’m pretty much the reference when it comes to teambuilding and fighting Nyx or the E4