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IV stones for shinies

Trading Name: Sqiddy747

Offer: I can hunt for any non delta non legendary shiny or hidden ability

Request: 6 iv stones per shiny, 2 iv stone per hidden ability (negotiable)

Further info: I can also ev train them and find them with a requested nature

What shinies do you have?

I have deino pumpkaboo and venusaur and i’m hunting tyrantrum for you

I will try and get 6 iv stones for the venusaur

I will tell you whenever i get it

ok thanks

are you ok on sunday for venusaur?


I might have gotten Tyrantrum by then but I can’t guarantee it

I’ll try to get 6 IV Stones…but I need a Shiny Dragonite

Ok. any specific level?

96 or higher, attack-boosting nature ONLY

any specific nature? I’m using a synchronize gardevoir

no, just attack boosting

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