Iv stone?

Hi,i just joined yesterday and when i see the trading tread, all people want is Iv stones(and shines)can me someone please tell me that what are Iv stones -used for -whats special about it -what does it do to a Pokemon -is it related to Ev?

Thank you :joy:

IV stones are a one time use item used to max out the IV(changes it to 31) of a single stat of one pokemon and not really related to EVs. When you have an IV stone, take them to the IV changer guy in secret base and talk to him. He’ll allow you to choose the stat you want to max out the IV in. They are a feature in insurgence.

They’re also used as trading currency as it takes a while to farm them.

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Then what are Ev?

IVs are static, you can only max out if you have IV stones. Think of EVs as skill points when you which contribute to specific stats. You obtain them through defeating other pokemon in battle.

EVs have a much more noticeable effect on the stats. At level 100, 1 point is added to a stat for each IV and 1 point is added to to a stat for every 4 EVs.


thanks lot