Iv stone for delta aron

Trading Name: Drake_3001

Offer: IV stone

Request: Impish nature delta aron

Further info: possibly with pokerus

don’t have impish but I got an adamant one, if that’s any good?

it will do fine if it has pkrs, also how many ivs?

wdym? how many IV stones?
I haven’t bred the mon yet but I can show you what it looks like in j a sec

how many max ivs

sorry forgot to send this but here’s the first one that hatched
if you want I can keep going w that

I really dont care about speed beacuse I want to have aggron as a physical wall in my team, so I 'd rather want one with max def iv. Also could you spread the pkrs to this pokemon

ok I’ll look and see if I have a better one j a sec.

I have an iv stone do u have any other delta’s?

(Are you talking to me or Drake?)

I also found this one:

If this one is good, I can give it pokerus as well. Otherwise lmk if I have to breed another one

Oh you xd

oh haha ok, I have a list of all the bred deltas I have if you click here: *Anyone want [bred] deltas/mons*
I have completed the dex as well, so if you don’t mind non-natured deltas I can get u any non-natured first evolution delta as well.

How about 2 deltas for my pokemon?

could I see the pokemon’s nature and IVs?

(also didn’t you say you’d give an IV stone xD)

Sure. Im actually on my phone and it’s midnight currently lol can i do it tommorow?

Sure, just reply to my comment with a request and an offer when you’re ready

Can i reply tommorow so sorry i have to sleep lol.

yup, when you’re ready lol

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