Item Storage?

Ok, so I’m in post game, and I am just realizing how much scrolling it takes to find what I’m looking for in my items and medicines. Most of the scrolling consists of mega stones and battle items, so I’m wondering if theres a way to extend storage on the pc?

I don’t think there is a way to do that. Perhaps you could catch representative Pokemon to hold Megastones in your PC (for example, a wild caught Metagross holding Metagrossite) until you need to use them.

Yeah, I suppose that’ll have to do. That’s the only solution that can seem to work right now.

I would change this to a suggestion thread since a lot of people would find this useful I think.

And in case anyone was wondering, the Hacker in the Black Market only adds Pokemon boxes, not item storage. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to having the option to pay for more PC item storage. As long as it makes it into the game that’s fine, because there are almost 50% more Mega stones in the game than there are slots to store items in the PC.