Issue with insurgence on MacBook pro

So basically a little while ago I got my dads old MacBook Pro, nice computer I7 chip. He already had windows on there and I was like sick so I wanted to transfer my old insurgence files from my old Mac which I ran insurgence on thru wine. And so I take the save files and come on my MacBook and so first I try wine on the Mac side of my laptop to run insurgence but I’m having issues cuz apparently it’s not compatible with the Big Sur software I have so then I try wineskin but I can’t figure that out. So then I use my windows side and everything’s going fine, my save transfers perfectly, outside of battle it’s the smoothest insurgence has ever run for me BUT, in battle, it’s the slowest thing ever, it’s so laggy, I messed with the settings to try and fix it, nothing, used cheat engine, still lagging in battle, sped it up, still lagging. It really sucks cuz I really wanna play on this laptop, so if anyone knows how I can get it to work on my Mac side easily, cuz I struggle with terminal or how I can fix the speed in windows that would be amazing and I’d love that so much, I literally enjoy so much of insurgence rn, I literally only have the post game left and I’m really looking forward to it (for context my windows side has run harder games like Valorant) also whenever I use wine on Mac side it says stuff about prefix aborted

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