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Is this team good for my first E4 team?

My team for the E4 i need ideas.
Metagross-Mega (naughty) (clear body)
252 Atk, 126 HP, 126 Sp.Def
IVs : 31 ATK, 31 HP, 4 Def, 11 Sp.Atk, 20 Sp.Def, 29 speed
-Zen Headbutt

  • Iron Defense
  • Meteor Mash
  • Ice Punch
  • Zen headbutt

D.Snorlax (Docile) (Thick Fat)
252 HP / 252 ATK
31 HP/ 23 ATK/ 31 DEF/ 18 SP ATK/ 4 Sp.Def/ 21 Spd

  • Drain Punch
  • Earthquake
  • Seed Bomb
  • Belly Drum

Gardevoir (Quirky) ( Synchronize)
252 Sp.Atk / 252 SpD
IVS: 25 HP / 22 Atk / 17 Def / 28 Sp.Atk / Sp.Def 27 / Spd 22

  • Calm Mind
  • Moonblast
  • Stored Power
  • Future Sight

Volcarno (Bold) ( Flame body)
Idk the EVS
IVS : 13 HP / 26 Atk / 21 Def / 18 Sp.Atk / 2 Sp.Def / 18 Spd

  • Quiver Dance
  • Idk
  • Idk
  • idk

Giratina ( Timid ) (Pressure)
idk about Evs
14 HP / 17 Atk / 29 Def / Sp. Atk 1 / Sp. Def 21 / Spd 28
Idk moves.

Another pokemon idk.

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I really don’t see the point of Iron Defence here. Aside from Hone Claw, there isn’t much setup more Metagross can use. Earthquake or Hammer Harm are better choices here to bypass steel types.

Delta Snorlax

Nothing to say here.


Here, things falls appart. First, why this spread and hot having HP Investment if you what Gardevoir to be Bulky? Second, I know you love Stored Power, but just look at Gardevoir’s Bulk: 68/65/115. It is so frail on the physical side that most Pokémon will K.O. in one shot by using neutral physical attacks. I would recommend you to use a Choice Scarf set, it is much better against the champion. No spoil, but 2/3 of its team is weak to fairy.


Volcarona @ Lum Berry / Passho Berry
Ability: Flame Body
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Quiver Dance
-Fire Blast
-Giga Drain
-Bug Buzz

You’re welcome.


Let’s settle one thing. It is nit because this is a legendary Pokémon that it will be a major advantage against the Elite 4. I get it, Giratina is strong, but has only 100 base stat in both offenses. This means that other Pokémon sharing the same typing have much better damage output than it, like Salamence, Garchomp, Gengar, Chandelure. Although none of them have as much bulk as Giratina.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t personally like Giratina against the elite 4. Seriously, if you want to use it, get an IV stone for its SpA and quick.

The leftover Pokémon

I will never say it enough: Get a Taunt user. It totally shut down Kyla and if it is levitating, it shut down Eduard’s lead. The one I suggest you the most are:

  • Gyarados
  • Gengar
  • Mega Gardevoir
  • Mixed Infernape
  • Mega Delta Charizard
  • Delta Ambipom

Gyarados being the one I recommend to everyone.

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me who just spams DD

Yeah, to back up what PeterHolmes74 said, Metagross should be running Meteor Mash, EQ, Thunder Punch, and Zen Headbutt generally. I would invest fully in Attack and Speed, as this thing can be pretty fast, unlike the non-mega. I believe 55 out of the 100 points from mega evoing went into speed. 252ATK, 4SpDef, 252 SPE.

D. Snorlax is fine IMO, you could run Bulk Up+Synthesis, but you lose on coverage, though you don’t really need it.

Gardevoir @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Trace(Synchronize works ig, but Trace can be nice, like for reversing London’s TR. Or getting Moody or Speed Boost off of Kayla)
252 SpA, 4 Def, 252 Spe

  • Psychic/Psyshock
  • Moonblast
  • Shadow Ball/Focus Blast
  • Trick/coverage

Since your Volcarona is Bold Nature, you could run the bulky sweeper set, which allows you to set up more easily. IK it says Timid, that’s pretty much always preferred, but Bold could work with this set.
Volcarona @ Passho/Life Orb/Leftovers(basically whatever you want)
Ability: Flame Body
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature

  • Quiver Dance
  • Roost
  • Flamethrower
  • Safeguard/Giga Drain/Psychic/Bug Buzz

I believe Gyarados for the E4 and E4 only runs:

Gyarados @ Leftovers/Life Orb
Ability: Moxie/Intimidate
252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spe
Jolly Nature

  • Dragon Dance
  • Waterfall
  • Custom Move Grass
  • Taunt

Since you have FWG and 2 of FSD, I’ll pull a dragon to finish the core.
Garchomp @ Lum Berry/Life Orb
Ability: Rough Skin/Sand Veil(generally Rough Skin is better, but Veil might help with Eduard)
252 Atk, 4 SpDef, 252 Spe
Jolly Nature

  • Swords Dance
  • EQ
  • Stone Edge/Fire Fang
  • Outrage/Dragon Claw

You could run Band/Scarf, just replace SD with the other coverage move. Naive also works if you are planning to run Fire Blast.

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Ok thanks!