Is this game still getting updates?

This is probably a dumb question, given the subreddit has been closed for like, 6 years, but is this game 100% finished, or is there plans for more updates, and if so, what would be the best place to request additions to the game?

I’m guessing the answer is no, but l want to ask to be sure.

Wow, l honestly thought the answer would be no! I’m glad to hear 1.3 is being worked on!

When the post said “Countless Quality of Life upgrades and convenience features”, would that include adding the ability to spend in game currency on the Pokepon, instead of running around like a headless torchic for 20 minutes? Maybe 1000-5000? Maybe make it so the more money you put into it, the better odds you’ll get, like maybe 100K Poke will bring the shiny odds to 10%? Just a idea.