Is this a good level curve for my fan game?

I’m making a Pokemon fan game and I’m wondering what people think about the level curve and pacing for it. Here are the levels of the gym leaders

Gym 1: Lv10-11 (3 Pokemon)
Gym 2: Lv15-16 (3 Pokemon)
Gym 3: Lv20-21 (3 Pokemon)
Gym 4: Lv25-27 (4 Pokemon)
Gym 5: Lv30-31 (4 Pokemon)
Gym 6: Lv34-36 (6 Pokemon)
Gym 7: Lv38-40 (6 Pokemon)
Gym 8: Lv40-42 (6 Pokemon)

The climax is between the eighth gym and Elite Four

Elite Four: Lv50-52 (6 Pokemon)
Champion: Lv52-54 (6 Pokemon)

Would you feel rushed between gyms if you played the game? Is the game’s level curve too low? There would also be level caps for the gyms and the Elite Four/Champion (for example the level cap for the first gym would be Level 11). This doesn’t mean that I’ll make the level curve higher, I’m just looking for opinions. The main reason for this level curve is so that players don’t teams of fully evolved mons too early, such as the starters not being fully evolved until the sixth gym in this, compared to the fourth gym in Sword and Shield.

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Looks too easy. By 2nd gym you should be over level 18-20. So basically bump up the level cap by every gym.

Depends what kind of fangame you wanna make. If you want it to be like Insugence, or difficult in general, I’d reccomend the E4 being around 80-90, and the Chapion being 85-100 or something.

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looks a lotlike the og games
my spacebar is dying

its a little low imo. say you wanted to use a volcarona or a hydreigon on your team. you cant do either of those cuz the level cap is too low. i think if you increased the cap by a few levels it would make a few more pokemon usable which is always nice

Volcarona and Hydreigon aren’t even going to be in the game, since the game is going to be at least 80% fakemon.

still not a good level cap

oh ok that makes more sense
sad volcarona noises

sad Hydra noises