Is there any way to possibly get Dialga?

Ive been looking for a Dragon/Steel well mostly a good Dragon type. Have two more slots left on my team and in need of something that can learn fire and something that can learn grass moves. So Far I have (because I didnt realize I had purity mode on) Wartortle, Kadabra, Donphan, and Riolu any suggestions?

Unless you are playing randomised no dialga. It is not available yet. But good dragon would be a garchomp but if you can get a delta ralts for coverage get an altaria maybe turn it mega or salamance.

Oh ok thank you for the suggestions

My advice would be taking off donphan for garchomp and having a delta Gardevoir and a delta bedew. (delta ralts at route 4 and delta bedew at the library). Garchomp learns fire fang. Delta ralts for ice and electric advantages and bedew for dark and fairy.

I really like Donphan but thats what I was thinking too no sense in having him and Garchomp. Like the Raltz idea but can Delta Budew learn grass type moves?

I dont think so or maybe try leavanny it can get armour to raise its defence and sp defence. If you like.

If you want to learn grass type moves then I suggest getting the Delta Munchlax from the mystery gift (If you haven’t already) and train it up.

This works too actually.

already on it lol thanks

Can suggest you 2 dragon types that can be used as well in a team for the story later on the game:

  • Armor Flygon
  • Mega Flygon
    If you want a Pokemon that uses a Grass type move, you already have Kadabara, can learn Energy Ball or Grass Knot through TMs.

empoleon has the same type of battle style, special attacker with strong physical defense. name him happy feet and It will make a fine dialga replacement.