Is there any real point to Delta Scizor?

I’m deciding if I want to evolve my Delta Scyther or not (Jolly-Hustle).

The Scyther ----> Scizor upgrade is an absolute upgrade because you get one of the best type combos in the game. But since Delta Scyther doesn’t change type when evolving, fighting/ice leaves more to be desired defensively because so many things can hit it (mach punch, bullet punch for one).

I’m unsure if I want to use an ability capsule to get ice-cleats (I didn’t want to roll the trade for ability and nature). If I don’t - then I’ll run hone claws, ice shard, close combat, something else.

But Mega-Delta Scizor is real tempting because of adaptability ice shard.

Given I have a jolly natured one and not an adamant one, what do you think?

When eviolite comes out i’ll go ahead and say delta scyther >> delta scizor. but for now they are about equal

Why eviolite on Scyther? No form of recovery, lots of weaknesses…Doesn’t really fit the mold.

If delta scyther can get a hone claws or two up it can sweep.