Is there an easier way to get D. Wooper?

I want to get Delta Wooper without needing to trade. I tried coming back in 24 hours but then it already took the treat, so I’m guessing it appears after 12, but is there some trick to do it easier?

You can ask someone to breed it for you, unless there is no easier way to obtain it. However, there are better grass-types you can obtain b4 the post game. Delta snorlax is one.

Delta Wooper will only appear if u interact with the stump after putting the candy or other item in from midnight to 6 am, so it might just be that ur not coming in time.

The easiest way to obtain it outside of the Vipik event would probably be to have someone breed one for you and trade it to you. However, try putting a treat in the afternoon and checking back after midnight, and that’ll be your best bet to obtain it yourself :>

I’m just filling the Pokédex.

I had no interest in waking up early in the morning so I just changed the clock.

Probably was a bad idea but it worked

Changing the clock can break events such as hidden grottos and pokepon @Egill