Is there a way to get Glaceon?

I’m looking through the wiki and nothing is labled for Glaceon on Eevee’s page. Is it possible to get Glaceon at all?

Not yet.

Do you know if Glaceon will be added in the next update. I noticed that there are two mossy covered rocks but none of the Ice Covered Rocks. It made me sad because eevee and its evolutions are my absolute favs to make a team out of for main game stories.

Everything currently missing will be added in the next update.

Everything includes the end of the main story? That’s so much hype! I hope it’s soon :slight_smile:

Well, because it is everything including the end of the storyline, and the second region etc, it will take some time.

You’ll most likely get a glaceon from an ice rock at whatever town it is that has a white mountaintop.

It’ll prob be another 3 months or so.

Yeah, I expected the final game to be released by July-September, can’t wait already :smiley:

Best be before July. That’s when my shipdate is. T-T