Is there a Jukebox?

The title says it all :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes.It is unlocked by upgrading the pokegear.

The pokegear? You mean the Dexnav? In the Dexnav i don’t see the jukebox :confused:

Yes, you need to go to a secret base with the pokegear designer (you can buy that yourself) and talk to him, he will unlock the jukebox and the memory changer.

Ok, i have the same functions from the base DexNav, those are the scan, the connect option, the map and the battle thing, before the 1.2.2 update i updated the DexNav but i never seen any different options.

I think they removed the Jukebox function upon releasing the full version. I am running into the same problems sadly. Sorry to bring up a dead chat room, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm this?

It seems odd to remove a feature like a jukebox upgrade or whatever. I mean, what is the use of the upgrade guy in secret bases if it no longer does anything? The dexnav didn’t have any changes after having the upgrade guy do his thing

Hello! Sorry for bringing this back, but I would like to know if this is really true? I would’ve appreciate it if the Jukebox is still available.

Yeah, it’s true. Sadly the feature was removed as far as we can see. Maybe they’ll bring it back in a future update (maybe they’ll fix the secret base uploading crash too), but since no updates appear to be planned I’ve gotten used to the game as it is.

There are several updates still planned:


Patch 1.2.3 (Current)
This patch is mostly playable how ever Kyurem can not be obtained
Patch (Unstable) This patch fixes several bugs such as Kyurem however it breaks delta breeding making a lot of the deltas unobtainable

Patch 1.2.5 (Indev) This is a major bug fix patch that is in the work with no ETA
Patch 1.3 “The DLC Update” (Planned) This patch will be a clean up of the story and several other parts of the game that will begin development after 1.2.5’s release.

Was the memory chamber also removed?

It is still a feature in dexnav

Turns out the dexnav in the menu doesn’t let you use the memory chamber, only from pressing d can you use it