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Is the Pokedex on the wiki Complete?


I’ve seen the Pokedex, starts at #62 Poilwrath to #925 UFI but what’s no.1 in the dex and where are the rest of the Pixie Pokemon on the dex ??


Also 62 to 105, sounds fishy to me has this Wiki been Vadalised before ? cause maybe the pages got deleted


Insurgence also has a new Zoedicus i beileve and many more why aren’t they here ?


A Pokemon is only added to the wiki if something changes (Mega, new form, etc). There is no point in adding anything else because it’s already on countless other websites.


It doesn’t sound like you’re referring to the official wiki.


Same wiki as i was saying


Like i was saying


It’s as noob said. It only has dedicated pages for pokemon that have real changes, like forms and megas. If you wanted information about other pokemon, just check 6th generation bulbapedia. It has everything this wiki would have provided aside from new moves such as livewire, but that is hardly enough to warrant every pokemon to have wiki pages considering the time it would take to add around 600 more pokemon on top of the slew of other missing, necessary information on the wiki.


but what’s #1 on the Pokedex ?


Bulbasaur. It uses the regional dex.




BUT IT DOESN’T INCULDE ALOLA POKEMON ( Inculding features, forms and others in Gen 7 )


Not really, I was referring to the part where you were complaining about “Zoedicus and more” not being in the game. And the official one doesn’t have any mention of Zoedicus.

Yes, the game is only till gen 6.


And the fandom Insurgecne wiki is false not this one


It’s because that one’s not supported by the devs.


Yeah so the fandom one is fake clickbait


I wouldn’t really call it that. It’s also run by fans, but 1ofthe4rocketbros isn’t updating it and it doesn’t run on the Insurgence server. Because the official one exists, it gets way less support, if at all.