Is Shadow Mewtwo Overpowered?

The wiki page about the Pokken System says that it learns Dark Nova during burst mode, a 135 base power Dark move that changes from physical to special depending on the strongest stat. It’s also said that it hits twice. Shadow Mega Mewtwo X’s ability grants STAB to dark moves. So basically you got:
190 base attack (+10% from burst mode)
270 bp STAB move that breaks sash
Mewtwo X has 106/206/110/172/110/143 stats in Burst Mode (BST of 847, higher than PRIMAL ARCEUS)
Mewtwo can boost its stats
TL, DR if you reach maximum rank in challenge championship you acquire an undefeatable god?
Edit: It also can use Drain Punch and Recover to easily restore its health.

But then again… are you really thinking of reaching suzerain rank in C.C ?? cuz yeah, PRETTY DAMN HARD. for the pain you need to go through, an op pokemon is really nice

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The first rank was pretty easy, though I never managed to continue because I was afraid of the glitches. Now that they are patched, I’ll see if it really is that hard.

I’d also try, but i’m trash at making competitive teams