Is Online Battline gone?

I’m confused.
I read online that battling was a thing, and even the discussion board here says it is.
But, after doing an entire playthrough, the option just did not appear in the online menu at all.
I see trading and wonder trading, but that’s it.
Any advice?

Welcome to the community, @iLongbow! Nice to have you here.

Yes, sadly online battling was phased out in a past update. If you would like to battle, you could always used the battling link at the top of the page, however, it’s not fully updated.

There is one, however, that was created with all deltas, megas, and other forms added that you can find here. It’s still in testing, but it’s pretty functional.

Thank you!! Glad to be here <3

Awh, thats unfortunate. Thank you for letting me know!
Was it simply too unstable and that’s why it was removed? If you know, or course.

I dont see a battling link… sorry, I’m completely new to using forums :sweat_smile: at the top of the home page?

I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, found the github for the battle sim. Thank you again!