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Is my team suitable for E4?

I’ve been playing Pokemon Insurgence for a few weeks already (I play on Joiplay coz my PC broke T^T) and this game is really nice. Nice storyline, acceptable graphics and animations, plus the online features and the new Pokemon just makes the game excellent. I’ve reached the Pokemon League (rematch) at the moment and would like some opinions on my team.

Delta Charizard (D. Charizardite)
Sludge Bomb (Fairy Type coverage)
Shadow Ball (Ghost Type STAB)
Dragon Pulse (Dragon-Type STAB)
Lunar Cannon (Pair w/ Noctem)

Delta Gardevoir (D. Gardevoirite)
Aerial Ace (Fighting Type Coverage)
Thunderbolt (Electric Type STAB)
Ice Beam (Ice Type STAB)
Livewire (Status Move)

Delta Bisharp (D. Bisharpite)
Aerial Ace (Flying Type STAB)
High Jump Kick (Fighting Type STAB)
Iron Head (Fairy Type Coverage)
U-Turn (Counters Psychic and make a hasty retreat)

Delta Haxorus
Aerial Ace (Fighting Type Coverage)
Waterfall (Water Type STAB)
Iron Head (Steel Type STAB)
Earthquake (Electric Type Coverage)

Delta Chandelure
Energy Ball (Water Type Coverage)
Flamethrower (Fire Type STAB)
Psychic (Poison Type Coverage)
Moonblast (Fairy Type Coverage)

Delta Muk
Earthquake (Ground Type Coverage)
Poison Jab (Grass Type Coverage)
Return (Friendship go brrrr)
Brick Break (Ice Type Coverage)

Thanks to everyone who replied me :slight_smile:

why do you have 3 mega stones? you can only do once per battle if anything put better items on the mega and switch out for every battle you need it for

Also could you teach me to do joiplay ;-;

Could you put Natures? Also, only put one mega stone on, as you could be using other items.

From the top. D. Zard can either do mega or non-mega, the set stays the same. If non-mega, run Choice Specs. Lunar Cannon is a waste of a moveslot, as it’s slightly weaker than Shadow Ball due to STAB(same type attack bonus). They hit basically the same things, with Shadow Ball being able to hits Fairies, and Lunar Cannon hitting Ghosts. For the last slot, run Frost Breath or Flamethrower. Timid Nature is preferred, if it’s a -speed or -SpA nature, try to change it with Pokepon.

D. Gardevoir is better non-mega, running a Choice Scarf set. I would drop Aerial Ace, as that’s a physical move on a special attacker. Livewire is broken, but not much use on such a frail mon. A bulkier mon, like Rotom-W, Zapdos, Magneton/zone, Mew, Lanturn, or D. Weezing is a better setter. Instead of those two moves, run Moonblast and Earth Power. I prefer Lightning Rod, but Clear Body is fine too. Same deal with natures as above.

D. Bisharp is probably your mega, though tbh, there are better ones. The set is fine. Aim for Jolly/Adamant, though anything that doesn’t drop Atk or Spe is fine.

Delta Haxorus should either be a Choice Band mon, or a setup sweeper. Here, setup looks fine.
D. Haxorus @ Life Orb/Leftovers
Ability: Water Veil
252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spe
Jolly/Adamant Nature

  • Waterfall
  • Iron Head/EQ
  • Swords Dance
  • Autotomize/Bullet Punch


D. Haxorus @ Life Orb/Leftovers
Ability: Water Veil
252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spe
Jolly/Adamant Nature

  • Waterfall
  • Iron Head
  • EQ
  • Autotomize

D. Chandelure wants Specs/Scarf, the set looks fine overall. Same deal with natures as D. Zard and D. Garde. If you have Weak Armor, you could run Leftovers or Sash, else I’d keep Scarf/Specs.

Delta Muk is decent, and if you have Sap Sipper or Water Absorb, it helps with those weaknesses. If you want a more offensive Ground Type, I recommend Choice Scarf Mold Breaker Excadrill. On your set, I would drop Return for Recover, and Brick Break for Stone Edge/Rock Slide. Rock+Ground already have near perfect coverage, so that should be fine.

I can give you a Ev traine Timid D. Charizard in exchange of something but ıdk