Is My Team Good For E4?

I am At the E4 And my team Always get sweeped,is there a problem with my team? Delta Charizard:Fly,Dragon Rush,Lunar Cannon,Phantom Force Item: Delta Charizardite Girantina : Aura Sphere,Hex,Shadow Force,Dragon Claw Item : Choice Specs Delta Muk : Earthquake,Fissure,Flamethrower,Drain Punch. Delta Gardevoir : Dazzling Gleam,Thunder,Ice Beam,Wild Charge Feraligatr: Crunch,Hydro Cannon,Ice fang,Superpower(for Yuki) Item : Leftovers Leavanny:X-Scizzor Swords Dance, Leaf Storm, Solar Beam

umm, i reccommend NOT having physical moves on a mega delta charizard (get ice beam and sludge bomb/flamethrower on it) and on a delta gardevoir (take out wild charge and give it energy ball. don’t have special moves like leaf storm and solar beam on a (more or less likely) physical leavanny (possibly with armor cause why not) and having a special move (like hydro cannon - on feraligatr - and flamethrower - on delta muk) isn’t a good idea. for Giratina - if it has the choice specs - don’t have physical moves on it - (as in DON’T have shadow force or dragon claw). At this point, I can ONLY assume you are new to the game or played up to gen three, because all of these pokemon are out of wack with the moves you gave them. next time look at their stats before looking at teachable moves. if you went into the league with those pokemon, you WILL get slaughtered by the ice elite four. YOU HAVE 4 POKEMON WEAK TO ICE. AND TWO WITH THE SAME TYPING. CHANGE IT UP, BUD. I reccommend delta Snorlax (replacing leavanny) with thick fat maxing out (as in 255 evs) in health and half (as in 128 evs) attack and (128 evs) defense. friend safari will help a lot here. A BETTER water type is delta haxorus, found in miara town, just go to the bottom right of the town. and if you WANT giratina, replace it with delta charizard, having a mega delta charizard can be good though (really depends on you). get armored tyranitar really great defenses and use it mainly for physical moves (maybe adding dragon dance or sword dance). your last pokemon could be delta chandelure it’s a grat pokemon to use and it can help you out in the long run. doesn’t really have the best move pool, but it can be a decent mon with calm mind.

Your team seems nice but I agree with TheDankNinja, you should check what offensive stat (attack or special attack) is the highest and build your movepool accordingly. I also use delta-zard and my movepool is Shadow Ball, Draco Meteor, Shadow Sneak (for priority) and Flamethrower, although I think using hydro cannon on Feraligator isn’t so bad (besides the recharge turn) since there aren’t many decent physical water moves. You have like Aqua Jet for priority, Aqua Tail (your best bet for Feraligatr) and Waterfall, but you only get that one after the league. Also Fissure on delta-Muk is a gamble, sure it’s a 1-hit KO but it also has like 30 accuracy, so you’ll just waste a turn most of the time. Although changing the team this drastically at this point will be a pain, remember the game gives you a lot of tools to help with that, with EV trainning in the secret base, IV stones for the IV trainer (also in the secret base), and there is also a guy hidden in murk forest that sells Ability Capsules. Most importantly, try to have your team without any major level gaps since, at least in my case, the E4 reflect the level your highest level pokemon. With this and TheDankNinja’s advice you will still have a hell of a time (because the E4 aren’t pushovers) but at least you’ll stand a better chance at becoming champ. Good luck and tell me how it goes afterwards.