Is Mega Stunfisk even remotely decent?

Well? It looks silly.

It’s mega has special huge power

You are apparently judging based on looks alone, which is an extremely silly thing to do for any Pokemon.

Mega Stunfisk has the unique Athenian ability, which doubles its special attack stat. With it’s Special Attack already being 91, this turns it into a 182 special attack destroyer, making it the Pokemon with the second highest special attack in the game, only being surpassed by Mega Mewtwo Y.

AND Stunfisk has good defenses and HP, so Mega Stunfisk becomes a Special Wall/Tank/Sweeper. More, it has access to Stealth Rock and Livewire, so you can use it as a mixed Entry Hazard setter and an attacker.

I use Stunfisk as my Mega and my lead Pokemon. It is Bold with 252HP/130Def/126SpD and has Earth Power/Thunderbolt/Stealth Rock/Livewire. Most of the time, I can set both Hazards and even kill one or two mons before it faints, more if the opponent is paralyzed by LW.

It’s simply a beast.

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In fact, Mega Stunfisk is actually stronger than Mega Mewtwo Y (doubling the stat total doesn’t usually correlate to doubling the base stat): its special attack reaches 617, or a base stat equivalent of about 231

That’s a potent fish.