Is Mareep Available to catch? Where?

I love Mareep and it’s stages but I don’t know if Mareep is catchable? Is Mareep in the game? If so where do I find it?

I don’t know if its still available but it was a Mystery gift on Chinese new year 2015(i think)

How do I get old mystery gifts?

You can’t.(As far as I know)

So Mareep isn’t in the game? That sucks.

You can complete the pokedex without online features so mareep is in there…somewhere…

Yeah I just wondered if anyone knew where Mareep was specifically.

Yeah should I invite someone to solve your problem?(I’m a member so i can invite other users)

If someone knows where mareep can be caught I’d like to know

Ok,I’ll invite dechozen101


No problemo.

You’ll need to find a flaaffy in route 13 and breed it.

Thank you!