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Is Lunar Cannon worth it?

Basicly the Title. I got my Roserade to the appropriate level so it can learn it. But i am not sure if it´s worth it since it has Dark Pulse already and while it´s obviously stronger, you either need a setup or just deal with the 2 turn cast.

My current moveset is Moonblast, Dark Pulse, New Moon and Lovely kiss.

I absolutely blasted Diana’s gym by setting up New Moon, then spamming Lunar Canon. Preferably Shadow Dance as ability with a Dark Rock or Life Orb. (Even swept it on Hard mode)

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lunar cannon is completely not worth it in my opinon because you can get coverage like thunderbolt and dark pulse is strong anyways + can flinch if your roserade is with shadow dance i use something like this
dark pulse moonblast psychic thunderbolt/energy ball you can swap out coverage moves for new moon if you dont have a darkness setter the best one is mega d. charizard because you one shot something slower and then get one shot by something faster and you still have couple turns of darkness left spiritomb and lunatone have noctem as their hidden abilities why not lunatone because of poor stats it’s slow doesn’t hit hard and isn’t that bulky either why not spiritomb its normal form doesnt hit hard has some coverage moves but they are weak like water pulse and icy wind its quite bulky though especially in its mega form buuut then it will take couple turns to take it down and have a free switch-in for roserade by this point the darkness is over and roserade isn’t that strong anymore (mega spiritomb doesn’t have noctem)

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It’s only worth it if you’re running a New Moon team with Spiritomb or M. D. Zard. Else, you should probably run Dark Pulse or something else altogether.

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