Is Lapras a good Water/Ice type

I was wondering if Lapras was a good choice for my team instead of Swampert. I only have two badges but i cant decide which i should use.

I mean, swampert w/ mega is awesome, especially under rain, it can also learn ice punch and ice beam
I would’ve picked swampert, buts its ur choice

Ok im going to keep it up with Swampert since he is inmune to Electric moves. Thanks

You also might want D.Haxorus. It is very good. And you could get a D.Metagross(Spider) as your ground type.

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Other good Water types include Protean Greninja and Gyarados.

As for Ice Type, Delta Gardevoir/Gallade and Delta Scyther are very common for a good reason, they tear appart a good portion of the game.