Is it worth keeping my crystal pieces?

would it be more worth to sell them? its a good amount of cash and i dont see a worth of them.

i think you can’t sell then more…
and for the crystal pieces
keep it
they make a diference when ou capture giuratina, arcues and regigigas
trust me
will worth the wait

i have caught them all and i have all 4 pieces. i just havent considered using them cause they are ledgendaries.

make them hold one
and go in a battle and see a new form arriving

and, 4 pieces? i remember that it was 3 , not four

3 from main game and when you get regigigas you get a fourth

regigigas take from you bag one of the crystal pieces
so no, are only 3

well then i have 4 for some reason.

so it’s a bug
it meant to have only 3 of them

i think regi has his own. arceus takes one from you

not at all
it a bug
here, look the wiki of the game

eh weird

you must be on an earlier version, as you cant sell crystal pieces anymore, and I dont think its worth selling it when there are better ways to make cash in general

No Regigigas has it’s own piece which makes a total of 4 in the game.
I just checked, I’ve got one each on Regigigas and Giratina and two in my bag.