Is it Possible

To trade between one’s own save files?
I have two save files and it would be awesome if I could trade some mons from the first one to the second.

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Don’t think so

Darn. Yeah as far as I can tell there isn’t but wanted to check. Thanx.

You have to have another person sadly but I guess it’s because it could be just slightly game breaking

Yeah probably.

you’d need a middle person

If you had two computers and put them at different IP addresses as well you could trade between them yourself.

and a different network

Can’t you do it with the same IP and network? So long as the save files are on two separate computers it shouldn’t matter.

actually it does. i tried it and it said you cant trade between 2 saves having the same ip address and/or network

Like Boggas said, you can’t trade between same IPs. I remember reading something a while ago that someone tlked about how they were trying to trade with their brother and couldn’t do it because they had the same IP. Someone recommended that one of them go to their public library and do it. The idea worked.

yeah i remeber reading that

Hmm. I do have another laptop. It’s 11-years old and slower but if there is a method to changing the IP address on it, I’d give it a go.