Is it possible to get more D. Dittos?

Hi guys! So I was going through story mode (at Utira town) but I was curious about something. I know that D. Ditto can be caught in one place, but is it possible to get more without online trading (and no cheating either obviously).

I am wondering about this because I find soft resetting to try to attempt to get that Delta Pokemon a good nature and ability at the same time is really really frustrating. Looking at the breeding guide on the forums, I found you can use the Ever Stone for breeding a set nature.

Thus, I was curious if it was possible to get more D.Dittos of different natures in a game without need of online features.


no, there is only one available per save file

I see! I assume people who need different natures on their Deltas, either trade. Or if they don’t wish to do online features, it would pretty much have to be PokePon?

Btw, if you put a mon with the desired nature and synchronize ability (abra, ralts, etc) in the front of ur party before delta encounters, you won’t have to SR for the desired nature, as synchs in insurgence have a 100% chance of passing on their nature to the encountered Pokémon.

Also, pokepon only has a 1/300 chance of giving you your desired nature, so I’d suggest instead breeding the delta with d ditto until you get your desired nature. You can check the nature of the eggs in the upper floor of a house slightly up and to the far left of the Pokémon center in Selene city, and you can hatch eggs instantly by paying a fee in the house nearest to the pikataxi dude in Vipik. You’ll end up w lot of random natured deltas, but it’s much faster and more reliable than pokepon.

All of this is if you don’t have wanna use online features. If you’re open to trade, however, there are many people (comme moi) who have a bunch of natured deltas that you can trade for. You can always ask in trades here or on the discord.

good luck!

This is really helpful!

I didn’t know about the synchronize ability, so I will definitely consider catching some Pokemon with that. Does the Pokemon with Synchronize have to be still on field when you capture the Pokemon or does it only have to be there for the encounter?

That is true, I will probably consider this option too when I get to the stage of having the daycare. I am around Route 8 I believe.

The reason I am not wanting to do trades right now, is I have nothing of worth to offer. So I feel like if I ask for a Delta, it wouldn’t be fair to others…

Glad I could help!
Synchro mons only need to be at the front during the start of the encounter (nature stats and ability are set at the start of the battles), so you can switch out as many times as you want after that.
If you are on route 8, the daycare is in Metchi town (right after route 3) so you already have access to it :))
//There are some ppl on the discord who will do trades for free. I live by the fair trade rule so I get why you would wanna wait tho xD

Oh…I must have skipped by it or dropped something off and forgot about it. Probably the latter tbh.

Yup, I live by that rule as best as I could, just doesn’t feel right to take without giving.

Once again, thanks a bunches!

Haha yeah I totally get that
Of course! Good luck with your playthrough :))