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Is it possible for an all rotom team to donimate?

Im thinking is it possible to build a team with all diffrent rotom forms?. they might all be weak to ground but is there some way to get away from that?
well… still :confused: pls post a setup all rotoms could have with an item and moves and tell me why pls. and what evs it should have.

They are not weak to ground actually. They have levitate as an ability

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rotom-fan ability is just ablosute shit
unless mega hippo


rotom is just bulkt give them all eftover ig

oh so D.garvedoir is worse then rotom?

in some cases ig

what are those cases?
also can snorlax learn baton pass?

Mold Breaker Earthquake and you die.

yeah… armoured ttar and exca really sweep your team(or just exca)… ttar can deal with the rotom fan(or exca can use rock slide) and mould breaker exca call kill everything else with eq

Plus, not many format outside of AG allows to have multiple time the same Pokémon.