Is delta yamask shiny locked from first trade?

Just a question in case anyone knows, I feel like I’ve done a bunch of the trades without any luck. Do I have to breed for it or am I just getting unlucky?

The Pokemon are not shiny locked in the game, the odds of getting a shiny in a trade are 1/4096 and 1/683 breeding using the Masuda method (1/512 after the Shiny Charm is acquired).

For reference some trade shiny hunts have taken me less than 1000 softresets while others surpased the 10000.
Good luck in your hunts :slightly_smiling_face:


OK great thanks, I just wasn’t sure if the trade was shiny locked and I had to breed for it. 100% going for that shiny because the blue is so nice.

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Did you see that it was shiny in the trade ui or did you see it in your party after?

You can tell if the Pokemon is shiny in the trade screen.