Is anyone willing to trade a Delta Charizardite?

I was stupid enough to try out purity mode with autosave when Reukra handed out the mega stones… Anyway, this is my trading info:

Trading Name: RaiFennix
Offer: Charizardite Y or any other request if I can obtain it ( keep in mind that I’m only at the Elite Four).
Request: Delta Charizardite
Further Info: I cannot get into the Battle Frontier and thus cannot buy the mega stone. If someone is kind enough to buy me one, I will be extremely grateful.

maybe just make a second save speed up till megastones and then gts trade it to your other save

Oh that’s smart. Haven’t thought of that. Thanks!

I’ve searched it up, and you can’t make a different save file and trade with it. Therefore, i still must ask whether someone is willing to pass up a mega stone in return for another favor. Otherwise, I do not have access to another computer so I cannot trade with myself creating another account. If you are able to, I kindly ask if you could trade with me. Also, I have not told you this I think, but I am only up to the Elite Four, which is why I desperately need this to beat it. I am stuck on Reukra and lately, it has been extremely tedious to train up my Pokemon, even with the level 100 Audinos.

you can have 3 saves

im on victory road and my lvl 75 greninja one shots like everything maybe you need to ev train more cause thats what made my pokemon super strong my delta charzard has like 380 Special attack

max EV and IV and nature boosted

is elite 4 hard and what are their lvls

i might just rattata chesse the elite four but hope devs dont fix this
6 rattata all lvl 18 with moves envdure and quick attack with the item focus sash they hit you down to 1 hp then your evdure switchs your hp with the opponets then quick attack

endevaur lvl 34 correction

Wouldn’t work, all E4 have some sort of trap to prevent that. There’s the baton pass, sandstorm, hail, and trick room people. Not to mention that Reukra is basically well rounded.

whats your team

im working on a new save to get you the mega stone id like 2or1 iv stone in return

Ill get you the IV stones. Also my team is this:

Delta Charizard
Ability: Spirit Call
Dragon Dance
Shadow Ball
Dragon Rush

Delta Roserade
Item: Dark Rock
Ability: Shadow Dance
Lunar Cannon
New Moon

Delta Muk
Ability: Sap Sipper
Sludge Bomb

Delta Snorlax
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
Wood Hammer
Belly Drum
Body Slam

Delta Typhlosion
Item: Delta Typhlosionite
Ability: Motor Drive
Flash Cannon
Energy Ball

Delta Haxorus (Lvl. )
Ability: Strong Jaw
Ice Beam
Aqua Tail
Swords dance

it seems you want a full delta team is their any reason you only have deltas

switch ice beam on d.haxorus for iron head and maybe replace d.typhlosion with d.gardevoir which is electric ice for better coverage

p.s. working on the mega stone past first gym

Nah, I just coincidentally got an all Delta team. And also I have a Delta Gallade, not a Gardevoir… Welp.

aw bad luck maybe see if theirs a female delta ralts in gts

I’ll see.

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