Is anyone trading a mega stone?

Trading Name: RaiFennix

Offer: Charizardite Y (or anything else if i can obtain it really, i’m at the elite four right now)

Request: Delta Charizardite or a strong delta above lvl 80

Further info: i know people want to keep a delta charizard with the delta charizardite but if anyone is willing to spare one thank you so much. (i made a mistake and turned on purity mode when reukra gave out the mega stones… :sad: )

I am willing to part with a Delta Charizardite-Or Alternatively, any Delta in the Game that can be caught, I can get, I can bring to 80 within Minutes. (Except Delta Drifloon. Freaking thing exploded on my face at level 120. Find me in the Alps. Also Delta Deino is not an option.) I also have a Level 109 Delta Wailmer…

All I ask is an Eevee worthy of being raised with all of my care. Females get extra points.

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