Inverse Battle Nyx Help

Hello, I am stuck at the Inverse Battle against Nyx in the Throne of the Hegemon. All the typings are reversed. What pokemon/typings would be best in beating his comp?

  1. For Aurorus, an Flying, normal, or poison type works.
  2. For Breloom, Water, Ice, Rock, Steel works well.
  3. For Greninja, Fire, Psychic, or ghost.
  4. For Garchomp, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric work.
  5. For Exeggutor, Fighting, Water are good options
  6. For Kangaskhan, Rock, Steel are very good.
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Actually, normal type moves with Rock and Steel super effectively.

its a very easy battle i use my normal team and defeated him first time my team was tyranitar gardevoir talonflame jolteon garchomp greninja

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this gives you information on all types that are super effective on her pokemon
personally, I used delta gardevoir as it had super effective moves on over half her pokemon, which was handy


I say that Delta Gardevoir is amazing. All of her Pokémon are weak to either Ice or Electric, except for Kangaskan.

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And if u put shadow ball on it for the battle u can hit it with that


Still, Scarf is the only way to outspeed Garchomp.

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Or Speed Boost Blaziken passing a Sub.

Or Ninjask.

Ninjask, it resist Aurorus’s STAB

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Butterfree and Vivillion become quite potent in Inverse, just watch out for that Fighting and Grass weakness.

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Also, grass and ice become very good.

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