Intro too loud, help please

Hi, I’m enjoying this game so far. But the intro is far too loud, even though I turned the volume down.

The volume in-game is at a suitable level, but it doesn’t seem to affect the intro sounds. Especially the roar of that one Pokemon before the game begins. I have to constantly lower PC volume for a few seconds before starting the game.

Is there any way to permanently reduce the volume of the intro sounds to that of the volume level I’ve set for the game?


open the x menu and select options, there will be 2 volume options for music and effects.

Thank you for the reply, but what I am saying is that the volume controls in the options do not effect the volume on the intro before you start the game. What can I do to actually lower the sound at the beginning?

Mute all three save files in intro menu (press up to get to options and up and q to move to sound quickly)

Thanks, but unfortunately that doesn’t work either. The menu volume is lowered, but the intro sounds before getting to the menu are still as loud as ever.

Any other ideas on how to lower that volume?

try muting each save file in game rather than the intro screen(sometimes it doesn’t save your settings)

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oh man, thank you so much that solved it!

I had to create new games in the other files, then turn it down in each. Thanks a bunch, bud!