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Interesting stuff in the game files

pkrs stands for pokerus
this confirms it
i am really curious about how would this look and influence the game but probably it’s just a scrapped feature or the more optimistic option is that in the next update there will be something like a pokerus’d pokemon because 1ofthe4rocketbros said there will be plot changes so maybe we will have a late covid reference this one is some useless info but i also looked at some dude’s walkthroughs and the cutscene in erebus city and the pokemon of the grunts don’t have a pokerus overworld sprite
and also wtf is this image
someone has a fetish for pixels

Pokerus is already in game, a lot of people have it and it’s normal. The trainers are mostly naked as trainer customization is a thing.

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@vGoldenDragonLeaf already said what I was going to say so I don’t have much to say lol
Fun fact: in the cutscene where nyx summons giratina, your character actually goes bald (maybe even shirtless idr)

wait what how do you get it i’ve never seen it
it’s apparently in the original games too
i have so much more to learn

but trainer customization is not a thing kinda
we only have a few clothes and hats to choose from