Insurgence Playthrough: Cult Crushers!

Just so that I can start a gameplay, I want to post updates of where I am right now. I’m starting a little late but whatever, I’ll have a full one when I start my Locke.

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My team so far.

Trainer Card


Box One

Box Two

What else should I put before I start?

So I’ve decided on nicknames for my pokemon. We’re gonna have them named after Greek gods.

Snorlax: Gaea
Gallade: Apollo
Mew: Hestia
Haxorous: Ares
Mismagius: Hecate
And Swampert: Fish, the most powerful god.

There. I have half a Pantheon

Belly Drum Snorlax is awesome.

Her Moveset is also awesome.


Sorry, I was eating breakfast lmao
I’ll continue now.

ur gud

im thinking about starting a nuzlock after i beat my randomizer which i haven’t played in a while

Yeah, after this I’m gonna do a Delta Locke
Also, give me a sec I have to go back to the Perfection base to fight the boss battle again since I died

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Here we are
I’m saving so I can keep dying over and over again in eternal punishment by Mewtwo
Grace: What did he say!?!?


Fucketh the bucket

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mewtwo fuckery.

This is where I Belly Drum and Sweep half his team

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■■■■. I forgot to heal first
I have to reset rq lmao

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I hate Reukra. He’s like Giovanni plus Simon Cowel.

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Now we kick his ass.

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So…I reset again because he landed a crit scald which also burned me so my belly drum was worthless and then I died from his rocky helmet…

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Thank Arceus I didn’t get burnt.