Insurgence Looped Music Tracks - Download Here!


What is this about?

Pokémon Insurgence is a fantastic fan game with a lot of love put into it. Unfortunately, while the soundtrack is pretty well-composed, the looping of the tracks leaves a lot to be desired. I identified two major issues to my initial enjoyment of this game:

  1. Each track either fades or ends with several seconds of silence, which creates a gap in the music in-game before it starts up again.

  2. The Wild Pokémon battle theme and Trainer battle theme, which players hear a lot of throughout the game, are lacking. The Trainer battle theme is ripped straight from Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, whereas the Wild Pokémon battle theme is the same theme with a wind effect over it.

I felt both of these areas could use some improvement.

So what did you do?

Two things! First, I went into each of the .ogg and .wav files in the Pokémon Insurgence “BGM” folder and trimmed the silence in Audacity, testing to make sure the loops were optimal. Second, I have included two suggested replacement songs for the two battle themes above, also trimming them to the best of my ability.

Do the songs loop perfectly, then?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to loop the songs as intended, because Pokémon Insurgence loops the entire sound files in-game as opposed to splitting the intro and the rest of the song. However, my new files should still be major improvements!

Did you get permission to include those other songs?

I did! The songs in question are both by Emdasche, a composer of fan-made Pokémon themes on Youtube. They are as follows:

-“Pokémon Sword/Shield: Battle! Wild Pokémon (Fanmade)”
-“Pokémon Sword/Shield: Battle! VS Trainer (Fanmade)”

Okay, I’m in. How do I do this?

  1. Find your installation folder for Pokémon Insurgence.

  2. In this folder, navigate to Audio > BGM.

  3. The BGM folder should have 93 files – 10 .wav files and 83 .ogg files. Delete ALL of these from the BGM folder.

  4. To update your game with the trimmed tracks, go to the “Trimmed OST” folder in this download and copy all 93 files into the BGM folder for Pokémon Insurgence. All of these will be updated, including the original two battle themes I opted to replace with Emdasche’s music.

  5. If you want to have Emdasche’s songs in your game instead of the default, open the “Battle Theme Replacements” folder in this download and copy and paste the two .ogg files within (“inssomethnhg” and “trainergeneric”) into the BGM folder for Pokémon Insurgence, replacing the existing files when prompted by your system.

I’ve found a problem with these songs!

If you’ve found an error in what I’ve done, please contact me on the Pokémon Insurgence forums or Discord server as DarkMarxSoul#1590!