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Insurgence forum? is it ded?

dang, its dead. oof


u can back from th dead tho

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I mean, there’s basically no reason to use the forums over the discord

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I prefer the forums but ok ig

cant join the discord cuz school comp

you can prefer the forums but the discord is still arguably better

-more people there
-actual moderators
-a semi active trading channel
-MORE channels where you can talk about stuff
-actual events there
-more organized
-communication is faster there

Me who isn’t on the discord

Ehh still prefer the forums tho


but guess what…

i don’t even use forums that much i usually check it tho



me whos on both

how long has it been since i have been on?

a week or so i think?


1.3 could bring back some life here.
Until then…

@JojoBoss247 incident is the most infamous case. I re-read all of his messages and I honestly cannot find any hostility. If you took what he said with context in the scene, he did nothing wrong. I said what I said. :man_shrugging: