Insurgence Battle Tournament in a few hours

One of our admins, DankRabbit, is hosting a tournament today! The tournament will be organized on the Discord server (click “Discord” at the top of the page) and all battles will take place on the battle simulator.

These are the rules:

The tournament format is monotype, meaning all pokemon on your team must share a type. Lists the banned pokemon Lists the banned pokemon from insurgence (the ones that say Ubers are banned) This is the link to sign up!

You can cycle through at most two different monotype teams so you aren’t predictable in your next battle.


You can have ANY POKEMON available in the game! (this includes Ivs/Evs/Nature/Movesets/Abilities/Shiny) as long as the item and pokemon have been released in the game.

When is it?

The tournament sign ups go until 1:30 central time (, when the Tournament begins. Hurry up, make your teams, and join the tournament!

There are other events happening too!

2:30-3:00 Trivia

3:30-4:30 Design a delta Type: Dragon Goal: create a delta based on any mythical dragon of your choosing

4:00-5:00 Town Of Salem

5:00-X:XX Digimon The movie

Remember, everything is in Central Time.