Insurgance in Linux (Ubuntu)

So the game works perfectly on Ubuntu (16.04) via Wine, other than a few lag issues but I’m assuming that’s normal for a early developed game. It saves, functions properly, doesn’t crash unlike some other games (using the windows raw download, not anything else).

However, I have a question for patches. I see there’s patch notes on windows and mac, but does anyone else who uses the game on Ubuntu know how to patch on it? My game’s up to date still but I know sooner or later there will be a patch so any help will be appreciated. Would it be like Mac where I move the save into the new file?

The save usually stays in the same folder, you drag the files that are patches into their places in the Insurgence folder and let them replace the older files, such as the patch it was just a Game.rgssad file, so you dragged it onto the old one and replaced it, your save shouldn’t move.

What you are talking about with moving saves, is if you download the entire core again, instead of just patching it, in which you would simply drag your save file into the same folder, but in the new insurgence package. If you just stick with patching then you shouldn’t have to move your save.

Oh I must’ve read the blue box wrong.

Sounds simple enough, which means it should work fine even in Ubuntu. Thanks! :slight_smile: