Inputs needed

My team as of now consists of:-

Dragonite Lv76 Fire Punch dragon dance Outrage Fly

Haxorus Lv 65 Dragon Dance Dragon Claw False Swipe Dragon pulse

Lucario Lv66 Sword Dance Close Combat Dark Pulse Aura Sphere

Electivire Lv 63 Discharge Giga Impact Thunerdbolt Thunder

Gengar Lv66 hex Shadow Ball Hypnosis dream Eater

Excadrill Lv62 Sandstorm Drill Run Earthquake RockSlide

any suggestions guys? i am willing to catch pokemon and train if needed also have all items and lots of cash to buy more.

I could switch excadrill bit what eater pokemon should I go for? I like blastoise and ferraligator

Also what about the moves? Are they good sets or should I change em?

Thanks dude