Infernal Dungeon Glitch - Not the Wall One

I’m in the Infernal Dungeon, and I think I’ve come across a glitch. Not the wall save glitch, but when I go up the stairs to the Infernal Base, the game takes over, slowly moves me forward, says “Don’t move.” in red text, and then my character turns around and the game just hangs.

I looked online, and I’m supposed to just be able to just walk through. I’ve put some screenshots below, and I have a video I can post in the Discord, but I’m not sure what to do. I don’t have a backup from before entering the base, I quicksave frequently.

This was on patch 1.2.6, and I tried opening my save on a 1.2.5 Core as well, with no luck. I was having a lot of fun with this game, and I really don’t want to have to start over.

It seems like it’s trying to trigger the cutscene where you and Diane talk to Persephone. This was skipped over when I played, and I only saw it watching a Let’s Play.

Did you get a message about a safety warp when you entered the base? If so you’re going to need to get back out of the base. If you’ve saved at least once and can’t just reset then then you’ll need to load a backup.

When you’re out of the base again, on patch 1.2.6, fly to Sonata City to trigger the safety warp there. This will cause the Infernal Base warp to not trigger. This will allow you to enter the base as normal.

I didn’t get any message about a safety warp. When I walked into the dungeon, it immediately put me in the cell without the scene with Diane and Persephone. I actually started the dungeon in 1.2.5, and in looking around the site, I noticed and installed the 1.2.6 patch then. I tend to quicksave often, so my backups are all in the dungeon.

27 hours down the drain, but I guess I can try some new party combinations on my next playthrough.

On your new playthrough use d blastoise as it will destroy primal groudon when you come to infernal dungeon again, lol

All right, I restarted the game, got to the Infernal Base, it told me about the safety warp, and then I taxied back to Sonata City. Where is the safety warp?

Hey i just happened to experienced the same trouble as you, and i also can’t move an inch. is there a way to solve this? maybe a way to get out from the infernal base?

Unless you have a backup save, I couldn’t find a way out.

There was an early version of 1.2.7 that failed to address this problem which caused a new version to be uploaded a few hours later. If you patched outside of the base and still encountered this issue when entering the base then you need to redownload the 1.2.7 patch. This only resolves the problem when entering the base and cannot do anything for you if you’ve already saved in the base. If the latter is the case then you need to restore a backup until you’re out of the base.

Hi @1ofthe4rocketbros, what if the backups are also in the base? That is the case for me. Am I forced to restart a new save if I want to play this game?

If your backup saves all put you in the base then you can DM me your save and I’ll look into it.

Hey @1ofthe4rocketbros, I am having same issue. All of my saves are inside the infernal base before the staircase and going up the staircase leads to the “Don’t Move” text and getting stuck. Created account just to try to get answer for this issue, so I dont seem to have the ability to DM yet.