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Incorrect catch rate?

So I am trying to catch a good Magnemite at Cyan Cavern and it appears that the catch rate does not match the supposed catch rate of any generation (I used the pokemon catch rate calculator at ) on the official games. I can claim this as a fact because catching a Magnemite at level 14 with 15% hp using a greatball has a catch rate of over 89% to 99% (depending on the gen.) and in Insurgence the greatball actually fails a lot of the times in this exact circumstance. I also spend an average of 4 pokeballs to catch a magnemite on this circumstances when the catch rate with a pokeball is 73% (only checked for gen.VI), but about the pokeballs it is possible that I’m being unlucky.

Is the catch rate on Pokemon Insurgence meant to be a lot harder or is it miscalculated?

Thanks in advance.

It says 89% to 99% percent,not 100%.So It may be badluck.Or else,I don’t know.

I don’t think so because the 89% is on the generation II. Since this game is on generation VI it should be over 99%. Do the devs read the forum threads? Because probably only the devs can answer this question

Devs read the forum,of course.

i had this problem as well, i was trying to catch a magnemite, brought it down to 20% put it to sleep and took me 12 pokeballs to catch it. So when i got to about 10 failed catches i opened the calculator and checked the catch rate, which turned out to be a 100% and still took me 12 balls.

Hmm. Just checked and it looks like the catch rate was set to 65 instead of 190. Guess I’ll be going and checking that the rest of the Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon have the correct catch rate.

Just emptied out my 15 pokeballs on a 1hp luxio (false swiped).
Interesting catch rate, yes …

I’d have to agree with you there… interesting catch rate indeed.

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I had a similar situation trying to capture a totodile in route 2, i brought it down to 20% and spent over 50 pokeballs without success. Is there a problem or am i just unlucky?